The Ministry of Ecological Environment Commissioned the Steel Association to Carry Out Carbon Emissions Trading Related Work in the Steel Industry

Recently, the Department of Climate Change of the Ministry of Ecological Environment issued the “ 《Letter on Entrusting China Iron and Steel Industry Association to Carry out Carbon Emission Trading in Iron and Steel Industry》 ” to the China Iron and Steel Industry Association, which clearly will give full play to the role of industry associations in the construction and development of the national carbon market, and entrust the iron and steel association to organize and carry out the integration of the iron and steel industry into the relevant work of the national carbon market.


The low-carbon work promotion committee of the steel industry established by the Iron and Steel Association will undertake the entrusted work, mainly including :

1 ) Steel industry carbon quota allocation scheme formulation and update.  The research puts forward the technical specifications and reference value setting suggestions for quota allocation in the steel industry, and cooperates with the formulation and updating of quota allocation schemes.


2 ) Steel industry national carbon market support system testing related work.  The Ministry of Ecological Environment assists in organizing the research and formulation of the operation test scheme for the national carbon emission trading market of the steel industry, coordinating with the drafting of relevant rules, and assisting in organizing industries and enterprises to participate in the operation test of the carbon market in an orderly manner.


3 ) Research on carbon emission detection, reporting and verification system in steel industry.  The Ministry of Ecological Environment carried out the investigation and analysis of carbon emission data in the iron and steel industry, and organized relevant agencies to check the quality of carbon emission accounting data of iron and steel enterprises.


4 ) National carbon market related basic capacity building.  The Ministry of Ecological Environment studies and formulates the list and roadmap of the best feasible low-carbon technologies for the iron and steel industry, studies and drafts relevant carbon dioxide emission reduction standards for the iron and steel industry, and cooperates with basic capacity-building related to the national carbon market.


The iron and steel association will be based on the characteristics of the industry and the reality of the enterprise, combined with the national and policy needs, relying on the organization of the association at the beginning of the year, the relevant leading enterprises in the iron and steel industry, scientific research institutes, technical units and other establishment of the " iron and steel industry low carbon work to promote the committee, " the orderly development of the iron and steel industry carbon market related work, for the ultimate realization of the " carbon peak, " " carbon neutralization " to lay a solid foundation.